Every Creature
Pet Sitting
are faced with several dilemmas in providing quality care for their pets. The first
problem is the longer hours we now have to work. These longer days are not just
longer for us, but they are longer for our beloved pets, as well. These longer days can
lead to separation anxiety, accidents in the house, and destructive behavior from
boredom. The other problem we face is making sure our pets are cared for in a loving
way when we go on vacation. The kennel is not always a viable option for some pets
and it's not always fair to burden our friends and neighbors.

The solutions we offer are daily dog walks and in-home pet care. The daily walks, or
play time, are designed to break up the boring day for your dog. We will visit your
home and take your dog for a walk or spend play time in the yard or house. The in-
home pet care allows your pet to stay at home, where he/she is comfortable, while you
are on vacation. We will visit the home 2-4 times a day as you schedule. We will feed,
water, walk, play, and love your pet. We can also bring in the mail and change the
lights and  drapes so your home maintains the look that someone is home.

We understand these issues because we have had to face them also. That is why we
decided to start a business that helps owner’s provide the kind of care they want their
pets to have. Every Creature Pet Sitting means just that. We have years of experience
caring for a wide variety of animals. We have personally owned dogs, cats, ferrets,
fresh and salt water fish, birds, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits, sugar gliders,
chinchillas, horses, frogs, snakes, lizards and more. Combined with the lessons in care
our own pets have taught us, we also have years of experience helping owners better
care for their pets. Our resume includes managing a 250 dog boarding kennel,
managing a private horse stable, serving as management for Petco and Pet Valu, and
volunteering at a local animal shelter. We are capable of administering medication
(including injections) and caring for elderly pets. Our services are based on a desire to
ease your peace of mind. We tailor our services to the individual pet's needs and back
it with years of experience caring for our own menagerie of animals. We look forward to
caring for your pets and providing you with outstanding service.

Stacy & Glenn